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What is sodium hydroxide?

With cas 1310-73-2, sodium hydroxide is a white and odorless substance which is available in pellets and flakes. It is corrosive and also known as caustic soda, which even could eat away some metals. Sodium hydroxide generates heat while dissolving water, ethanol, and methanol.

To know sodium hydroxide better, look at the main technical information
sodium hydroxide formula/caustic soda formula: NaOH
sodium hydroxide molecular weight: 40.00
sodium hydroxide msds:
Appearance: odourless white solid
Density: 2.13
Boiling Point:1390 oC
Melting Point:318 oC
Flash Point:176-178°C
Storage Temperature:2-8°C
Refractive index:1,473-1,475

Mostly as a strong chemical base, Sodium hydroxide is widely used in many areas. Some occur in our daily lives. In the form of lye soap, It is also a popular ingredient in industrial solvents as a chemical base for soaps, oven cleaners, detergents and drain cleaners because of its ability to dissolve grease, oils, fats. Sodium hydroxide is also used in food processing. The compound is often used in steps for peeling fruits and vegetables, processing cocoa and chocolate.

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